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Silesian Suite (1980-1990)

It is a series consisting of collages and photomontages containing quotations from earlier photographs. It was created in the last years of her work in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the author was no longer able to take photographs in the open or work in the darkroom. It is a kind of reckoning and summary of her own work. She used photographs from different periods of her work, mainly from the Sociological Record. She coloured them and decorated them like a collage with various accessories: dried flowers, pieces of fabric, even with hair. A frame from the film “Infinity of distant roads...” by A. Różycki

Ordinary Man (1980-1990)

This series of portraits, which derives from the Sociological Record, is an attempt to sanctify the old, the poor, and the desolate. The author captures the figures “from below”, from a kneeling position. She animates the process of posing, making the model put his hands on his heart, just like in a gesture of prayer. The finished portrait is juxtaposed with a photographically reproduced ornamental frame, creating an image similar to that of the saints.