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The World of Feelings and Imagination (1975-1979)

In the early 1960s, Zofia Rydet began to work on a series of poetic photomontages, The World of Feelings and Imagination, which consists of nearly one hundred surreal photographs with powerful emotional content. These are arranged in fifteen series: Landscapes, Birth, Maternity, Expectations, Departures, Behind the Wall of Life, Lovers, A Sentimental Ballad, Destruction, Mannequins, Phantoms, Threats, Obsessions, Transformations, and Hope.
In 1979, the album Świat wyobraźni Zofii Rydet (Zofia Rydet’s World of Imagination) was published, containing an introduction by Urszula Czartoryska and poems by Anna Kamińska, selected by Rydet to suit the mood of the photographs. The series was also presented in the form of an audiovisual slideshow.

The first show of works from this series took place in 1985 at the Photography Gallery in Świdnica.

I was also still looking for new means of expression - I took up photomontage.

Photomontage gives a great opportunity to transpose one’s deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences into a completely different image, seemingly unreal, but composed of real elements.

The photomontages are surreal in their climate and although surrealism is already a clastic form of style in painting, in photography it provides completely different perspectives. Thanks to the camera, reality has been introduced into an image which, composed of authentic elements, expands the horizons of photography, penetrates the spheres of our dreams and nightmares.

My World of Emotions and Imagination speaks about man endangered from the moment of his birth, about his obsessions, solitude, desires, about the fear from which only love can save us, about the tragedy of passing time, the fear of extinction and destruction.”
Zofia Rydet … About my work.