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The Passage of Time (1964)

This cycle, concerning the problem of old age and loneliness, has a more existential and expressionistic character. The artist looked at human dotage with a fresh eye, noticing the need for love as its main theme. The aesthetic of these photographs resembles the Italian neorealist films popular at the time. It also included further photo series: Contrasts, Sunny Days, Expectations, Meditations, Loneliness of Old Age, A Difficult Path, Bad Days, Textures and My Gallery.

The first show of works from this series took place in 1964 at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw.

The second exhibition, The Passage of Time, also spoke about man, about those who are already at the end of their lives. It showed the grumpy, ugly dotage of old people, retired people, fragile, clumsy old people, with all the attributes of withering and dying, with deep wrinkles covering their faces, with their backs bent. The juxtaposition with the photographs of dilapidated houses, of dying, withering flowers, spoke about the transience of life, its essence and true sense. The exhibition was supposed to awaken understanding and compassion for people whom we - preoccupied with everyday matters - do not notice or even bump into. In this exhibition, I also used juxtapositions to enhance the message and impact. I thought that if I showed old age, maybe it would move someone, maybe the young one would start looking at it differently. At the same time, he will start to appreciate what he has: youth.

Zofia Rydet … About my work.