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Excerpt from a letter written by Zofia Rydet to Krystyna Łyczywek, Rabka, July 28, 1978

My photographs of interiors with people have crystallized. I have a marvelous wide-angle (20 cm) lens for my Praktica, which lets me take whole rooms, even small ones. We go about huts that are very far away (traveling by bus to villages) and choose the old ones. Sometimes they are brilliant.

I take whole interiors with my Praktica, and then certain details with my Yashica, as well as a portrait of the person.

The wide-angle lens makes the interiors a bit deformed, which I sometimes find quite fantastic. I usually take the pictures with a flash or a tripod. Kasia [Katarzyna Augustyńska, the granddaughter of Tadeusz Rydet, Zofia Rydet’s brother] records the data and some of the people’s stories that are very interesting. We also took a tape recorder, but it’s heavy. After those trips, of sometimes even ten kilometers, I return less tired than elated. I dream about it at night, putting together a new book. Even if they don’t publish it (though at least those two books will come out, they have finally gone into production), this will remain, not art perhaps, but a document of the times.