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Excerpt from a letter sent by Zofia Rydet to Jerzy Busza, Gliwice, May 20, 1987

The Record series continues to be the most well-defined in my life, and is always growing. Not only in terms of the quantity and diversity of regions, but also in depth, through other series joined by the same idea.

The “Professions” series is also part of the Record, but it shows man not in his house, but in his work environment, which he organizes himself and to which he devotes his personality, creating a unique atmosphere. I think the most interesting professions are the vanishing ones, such as tailors, shoemakers, potters, blacksmiths, the relics of the eighteenth century. But the “bureaucrats” and picturesque “artists” series are also very beautiful.

Everything holds to the same convention.

This is not great art photography, but I believe that the value of my work, which is increasingly hard for me in the literal sense of the word (physically), will, over time, only increase in value. I’m sending you three of my photographs; you can tell me if you are delighted by the tailor with the old Singer sewing machine, or the mailman who believes so deeply in his importance, or the charming woman selling fresh eggs.

Zofia Rydet, Sociological Record 1978–1990
Zofia Rydet, Sociological Record 1978–1990